Run Time: 36:18
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“When Words Collide” with Classic Rock

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What does classic rock music have to do with COVID-19 and business interruption coverage? Nothing, actually. But that never stops insurance policy guru and When Words Collide policy author Bill Wilson from mixing up a little right/left brain conversation. A long-time educator and founder of Big "I" Virtual University, Bill is a staunch believer in "RTFP," or "read the [insert a likely adjective here] policy" to truly understand what coverage you're selling, buying, claiming or defending. And, based near Nashville, Bill is a decent guitarist in his own right. He describes his band and dives into the memory banks of his concerts - first, best, loudest, most surprising, and more. If you're looking for a break from stressful COVID coverage, you'll have fun with this recording, whether you know Bill or are hearing him for the first time.

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