Run Time: 26:02
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Motivating Staff (Sans Money)

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Managers often dangle salary and bonuses to entice current and prospective employees to excitedly jump into action. Surprise! That fails sooner or later. Motivation expert Seth Preus (rhymes with "choice") outlines the two motivator types: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic motivators, Seth says, are "the what," such as salary, commission, bonuses, incentives and time off. "These are easy to implement, and it's all about the money. But they give you the illusion of control. They're temporary." On the other hand, intrinsic motivators come from within the person--it's "the why of work," Seth says. "They're more enduring. They're more significant for retention, morale, client satisfaction - and they're all free." Seth also reviews his four categories of workers - stars, strivers, strugglers and slugs - and what to do with them next. If you seek some new ideas as a manager, this recording is for you.

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