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Innovation is ‘Process,’ Not Just Tech

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How can an industry accustomed to traditional workflows innovate? This installment offers a behind-the-scenes peek at a national program administrator and MGA. Executive Tom Kussurelis walks us through how innovation works at Arrowhead. "How we make it happen organizationally is a big piece of it," he says. "You have to have representatives from all of the organization involved. Innovation isn't just technology; it can be a business process. It can be how your organization is aligned to service the customer." Committed to taking risks and learning from what works or doesn't work, Arrowhead has invested or partnered on various fronts, including Plug and Play, APIs, IoT, drones and Amazon Web Services. Tom also has an interesting take on how best to work with insurtechs: "We want to find them after they pivot," he explains.

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