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“Discussion Partners” Are Strongest Client Relationships

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Former insurance agent and now speaker and management consultant Troy Korsgaden has lots to say on organizational change, and you'll embrace the energy on this podcast. Troy recently authored a new book, "Discussion Partner," and is president of Korsgaden International. For anyone in a small or large company, in the field or home office C suite, in a sole proprietorship... "It doesn't matter where - you've got to be a profit center," he says. "If you're not, you're a cost center. You have to have more customer interaction to be a profit center." Troy outlines four different relationship types, with the ideal one being a "discussion partner." He says: "These people don't want to be sold and they don't want to be told. These are the people who want you to discuss options with them. They'll decide. Position yourself as an advisor, a client partner." Troy's other three relationship types are very different, and he outlines how salespeople must approach them. Troy suggests "retooling," as in "retooling my team, my technology, my relationships, everything. It doesn't always mean radical change."

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