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Run Time: 25:58
in On Point, Podcasts

“Narrow Focus” Drives Insurtech Success

Having previously managed strategic partnerships at industry unicorns Tumblr and Shazam, Jason Keck offers a unique perspective on the future of commercial insurance. The CEO of insuretech Broker Buddha aims to simplify the application process for agents and brokers. The lesson for successful insuretechs, he says, is to "get narrowly focused around a problem that is painful enough where people are willing enough to pay for a solution to fix it. And it's big enough a problem so that you can build a business around it. In the technology industry, it's called 'a wedge.'" Jason predicts agents and brokers – not just carriers – will adopt more insuretech solutions, such as digital MGAs. "Some things won't work, and some things will be wildly successful, he says.

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