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in On Point, Podcasts

Insuretech Moving from B2C to B2B

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In this recording, Mitch Doust, an executive with Cover Genius, a digital distribution platform for commercial insurance, predicts successful insuretechs will move from a consumer focus to a business-to-business model or B2B2C focus. Mitch recently joined Cover Genius from another insuretech called Trov. When it comes to insuretech influence, Mitch say that "retail carriers were very standoffish at the start. Maybe because they haven't been challenged. You've seen reinsurance carriers and others moving first, and they're cutting out the middleman (primary carriers). So now the industry is taking it more seriously." He urges industry players to see the customer experience as a product in and of itself - this approach will create new categories in the space, all enabled by technology.

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