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Run Time: 30:31
in On Point, Podcasts

Educate Consumers with ‘Fun’ Video

Former independent agent Joey Giangola with TrustedChoice.com loves video. And he wants you, the insurance professional, to love video, too. This podcast recording offers Joey's views on digital marketing and insurance consumer preferences. But you've gotta wait for Joey's video tips, honed from years of trial and error. "You can do pretty good video with the phone in your pocket," he says. "It will be awful when you first start making video. It's gonna suck really bad at first, but get over the fear of people judging you." Further, he adds, "It's okay to be entertaining - insurance people have a hard time with that. Knowledge is good, but have some fun." If you're interested in expanding your firm's consumer education program, you'll want to take notes on Joey's helpful tips.

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