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Agency Rebranding from the Inside Out

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Assuming the reins of your dad's agency isn't a cake walk. But Laura Deeley Bren, principal of Deeley Insurance Group in Maryland, also took the opportunity for a brand refresh. She went about it the proper way by first defining and strengthening the firm's core values - how the firm's employees would approach their work, and how they would treat each other and their customers. In this recording, Laura outlines the steps the team undertook to chart a path forward. "We had to get the outside messaging right with our customers," she says. "But we also had to get the internal culture aligned where it was tight and clean. We defined our core values first. It's one thing to put a label on who you THINK you are, but you need to do some soul searching. We wanted to be very clear about who we were as an organization." Listen to this refreshing story about internal perpetuation, strategic thinking, and a new approach to customers and prospects.

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