Run Time: 28:54
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“Power” Your Way to a Strong Brand & Culture Tony Wessling

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So, you have a company with a catchy name, a nifty logo, and a website with some cool animation on it. Is that a brand? Probably not. Brand is an emotional, abstract concept that guides purchase decisions. The brand is shorthand for things people like or not like....Or wish to associate themselves with or disassociate with. And it takes time to build one. Amazon has been around since 1998. Starbucks launched in 1971, but it wasn't a true brand until more than a decade later. Listen as Tony Wessling, co-author of a new book called The Powers: Ten Factors for Building an Exponentially More Powerful Brand, outlines the first five factors. Be ready for tons of practical advice for your own firm in this first of two installments on The Powers.

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