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Eliminating Passwords on Sticky Notes

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Raise your hands: Who relishes managing all those agency user IDs and passwords to access carriers? For some it's at least a part-time job. Besides the hassle, there is risk of customer data falling into the wrong hands. Serious risk, in fact, now that New York, South Carolina and likely other states soon will require multi-factor authentication (MFA) for expanded logon and customer data security. Listen to this informative podcast as the newly appointed business manager of ID Federation, Irv Kantar, outlines recent progress. "Password relief for independent agents and carriers has been a high priority for years," Irv notes. "There is no consistent way today for carriers or agents to handle all the credentials they use daily. Some agents have sticky notes on their monitors, others have a list under their keyboard, or there is a shared file with all IDs and passwords for the agency. This isn't a secure method to prevent unauthorized access to either the agent's system or the carriers they represent." ID Federation was formed to develop a solution, called SignOn Once. The idea is to eliminate multiple user IDs and passwords, at no cost to the agency. The result is a single location to enable or disable all its carrier accounts in one place, per user.

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