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in On Point

Take Control of Your Financial Situation

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Agents look out for their customers every day. But who looks out for the health of agencies? Dave Evans has worked for decades with independent agents on financial plans. Last year he left a top post at IIABA to pursue a new business (401ksleuth.com) where he'll continue to help agency owners as well as other small businesses. Consumer credit, the weight of unpaid school loans, and saving and planning for retirement are growing issues for agency owners, their clients, as well as potential new agency hires, Dave says. "More studies are tying stress to the need for 'financial wellness' - a person feeling they have control over their finances rather than how their finances control them." Dave provides practical, free, online tools that are available to business owners from private and government sources. Listen to this podcast to reboot your financial planning awareness - and a deeper understanding of the needs of potential producers and other staffers.

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