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InsureTech: ‘A Tool, Not Something to Fear’

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New insurance tech players fall into two categories, says insider Brian Cohen: "enabler" or "disrupter." And 2018 will begin to determine the winners and losers in each category. In this lively installment, Brian urges carriers and agents to partner with enablers. He's bullish on the future for the industry. In fact, he says, we could be in a "golden age" for the independent agent and broker channel. "What has the Internet and Amazon taught us? 'Check the product and check the price. Be sure I am getting a good value.' The independent agent sits in the middle of that value chain. They can check the best price and product for you. The experience is as good if not better with the independent agent." Brian urges insurance players to act, not react, to insuretech. "Too many organizations are reacting because they feel under pressure. That leads to poor strategy and poor execution." Instead, "take what you know best - your company's capabilities and unique value proposition and use insuretech to make it better. Insuretech is a tool - not something to fear."

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