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Why Agents & Brokers Should Understand ‘Customer Experience’

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Insurance folks, listen up. It's time to demystify "customer experience," or CX. And Brian Leppard at Foremost does just that in an entertaining sneak peek at a pilot project he's conducting with a nearby independent agency in Michigan. CX "is about who knows the customer best - it's not about websites," Brian says. "I hope agents are as bought into this concept as much as carriers are. We can win here. Customer experience is entirely in our control - like how we answer the phone or the processes we use to move people through a claims process." The pilot CX project aims to increase retention at the local agency by examining needs of customers that they can't always express. Thus, agents need to listen to customers and ask questions to avoid just going through the motions, Brian says. Part of the project was a customer survey that yielded a treasure trove of data. If you'd like to understand the value of customer care, don't miss this recording.

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