Run Time: 35:38
in On Point

Create an Experience (Part 2)

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Customer experience isn't just for Starbucks. This podcast will leave you energized about creating new experiences for customers and business partners. Dennis Moseley-Williams of DMW Strategic Consulting is an evangelist for the Experience Economy. "An excellent, authentic experience is the best marketing left on the planet....Staging experiences that are so inherently personal and meaningful that people feel compelled to speak of them and share them," he says. An experience isn't just a fun idea; it's "probably the only thing that will save you from the ravages of commoditization," Dennis adds. "Don't hide behind goods and services. Stop telling people what you do; start telling them who you are, and why you do your work. You personally must be relatable, people must feel they know you, what you are about, and what you stand for. And you have to be discoverable - you must make it easy for people to find you, and for those who already know you to endorse and introduce you."

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