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Run Time: 43:10
in On Point

A Change in Digital Culture = Success

There is a lot going on at TrustedChoice.com. In October the agency online referral service added commercial lines to the program; more than 3,000 agents have become Advantage agents; and in May some 250,000 consumers visited TrustedChoice.com. All good stuff -- yet, in this podcast we wanted to know what agency digital best practices lead to success: What can agents do to make sure leads turn into new business? According to Marty Agather, VP of Strategy at TrustedChoice.com and Chief Instigator at Agency Nation and Ryan Hanley, VP of Marketing at TrustedChoice.com and Managing Editor of Agency Nation, the single-most important best practice is making sure inbound calls are answered by a human, not an automated phone tree. The consumer of today is researching online prior to making the initial call to the agency. When they do call they have prequalified the agency and they want to talk with a person. This is only one of several practices that Marty and Ryan discuss that require a cultural shift but will help any agency achieve greater success with today's connected consumer. This podcast if crammed full of good ideas and solid advice for independent agencies.

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