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Run Time: 24:44
in On Point, Podcasts

Growing By Referral

These days, it's easy to get caught up in the world of technology driven change. This discussion will at first will seem very traditional -- perhaps even "old-school." Au contraire! Mark Atkinson, who leads a personal lines-only agency, outlines how he has grown a successful agency exclusively by referral. Mark has built a deliberate, formalized system to obtain and reward referrals. He talks about "popping by" a customer's home and delivering an item of value to thank them for their business and asking them for referrals. As an example, he'll "pop by" with a basket of apples with the message, "Referrals are the core of our business." Mark shares other relationship-building secrets that any personal or commercial lines agency will benefit from. As Mark states: "Building personal connections never goes out of style and trumps rate increases."

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