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in On Point

Producers: The Next Generation

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In October of last year, Reagan Consulting released the results of their in-depth and impressive Producer Recruiting & Development Study. Finding, developing and keeping new producers has been a challenge for agents and brokers for as long as most of us can remember. Thus, we welcomed the opportunity to speak with Kevin Stipe, President Reagan Consulting about the report and better understand his characterization of the industry's producer hiring data over the past 5 years as "troubling". According to Kevin, "the biggest problem identified in the study is that 55-60 precent of firms within our industry are "under-hiring". That is, they are not hiring enough new producers to achieve their growth objectives or to allow them to successfully perpetuate their business. Kevin covers several other key findings but perhaps more importantly he offers some sage advice on how agencies can be more successful in recruiting and developing producers.

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