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Social Intelligence

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Amber Naslund, SVP of Sysomos, is widely recognized as one of the true visionaries and thought leaders in the social and digital marketing space - this podcast supports that contention. In this podcast Amber explains the importance of social intelligence. She clearly identifies the shift in the center of power and control of a business relationship from the organization to the consumer. For example, with the consumer in control of the relationship, 75 to 80 percent of a buying decision is made before a consumer makes contact with a company. Therefore, "it is more important than ever to get into the buying path early in order to help influence the buying decision," Amber says. She also sees "a need to be aware of the pulse of the conversation in the industry, as well as know what the competition is doing and the trends that are influencing the marketplace to make sure our products and services are adapting in real time in order to stay relevant to our customers." As you listen to this recording you'll love her idea of creating an infographic insurance policy. As a bonus she shares some 2015 predictions.

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