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Technology’s Influence on Insurance Carrier Systems, Products

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In today's world of fast-moving and ever-changing technology, bringing an insurance product to market via the Internet is expected by tech-savvy consumers and businesses. But making sure those products are accessible, easy-to-use and relevant to those who need them is a part of the process little understood by most, including those in the insurance industry. Craig Beattie, senior analyst with U.K.-based research and advisory firm Celent, which focuses on the use of technology in financial services, says product systems have a DNA all their own. Beattie analyzed and explained the factors that influence carrier product and technology systems in a report he authored titled "Designing for Product Agility: Where Should Insurers' Products Live?". In this podcast with, Beattie discusses current technology trends in insurance product development and how agents and brokers can benefit from understanding this process.

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